Do you want an awesome martial arts school with an even better instructor and training partners? This is the place for you. My eldest son has been training here for 8 years, and myself and youngest son 6 years. You will not find a better person than Master Berry. Although this a Tae Kwon Do school, you will learn some ground work and have great personal security measures. This school has helped both my boys to become great students inside and outside of school. They are held accountable for their actions in and out of Master Berry’s school. They know that they represent something bigger. Master Berry is always available to help with any situations. This school is an extended family. Before we chose Master Berry for training, we visited many schools in the area. I am glad we choose this school and thankful for the opportunity to train with Master Berry and all of the students. Everyone is looking out for each other and will do anything to make each other better persons and martial artists. I highly recommend that you come check us out.
The Kolessar Family