Taekwondo is a way of life

I’ve trained in Taekwondo since I was 38, I just started yesterday but now fast forward I’m 54. 13 of those years have been with Master Berry and his awesome school. I can’t tell you how many children and adults I have seen come through the school as a very young age and grow into awesome people. I’ve seen children and adults transformed from timid, unconfident individuals into strong confident adults. I’ve seen teachers from local schools come into the school and ask what Master Berry is doing and teaching as they can’t figure out why the children coming into their classroom are so respectful and courteous. Part of the answer is commitment. If you’re committed to coming in and letting your child train or you yourself Master Berry is committed to your excellence. As a Master and a teacher, he is committed to “the Family” that exists at the school. For me it’s attention to detail that helps me at work and throughout life. It brings a different level of awareness of your surroundings and allows one to take the characteristics and values of training and use that in day to day life.

Take a chance and come in for a week of classes for you or your children. You won’t be disappointed, and you will realize it brings you or your family to a higher level.

Mr. Beichler, student for life.

Shawn Beichler