I have been training with Master Berry for almost 12 years now and unquestionably view the decision to start as the best one I have ever made. I became involved with the Martial arts and the Robert Summers Association when my children were 7 and 8 years old (16 years ago) when it was recommended to me to have my youngest son start as a way to increase his confidence and self- esteem. I saw drastic changes over the first 6 months they were training and realized that this was not an activity but a way of life and would be a beneficial part of theirs until they were grown. They earned their first Black Belt right around the same time that Master Berry announced he was opening his own school at Lake Norman. That is when I decided to start and I have never looked back. I have continued to watch my sons grow and mature and now the “shy one” is a United States Army Airborne Ranger. I can honestly say that that would not have happened if it were not for his continued dedication to training during his teen age years and the discipline and mind set it gave him. He still craves it and trains with Master Berry whenever he gets the opportunity. My oldest son has continued his training with Master Berry and has just earned his Master level or 4th Degree Black Belt. His work ethic in everything he does is a true reflection of his training with Master Berry as well. It is an amazing thing to share something this special with my children. Beginning as an adult was a different experience but with the same results. Master Berry teaches us all how to set goals and to achieve them in all aspects of our lives. On a professional level I began realizing how beneficial the martial arts and Master Berry’s program would be to most of the children that I was seeing for developmental delays, sensory integration issues and even ADHD. I have recommended many children start in the martial arts and have seen remarkable benefits for them as well. On a physical level it coordinates the right and left side of the body, increases both fine and gross motor coordination, and enhances endurance and balance as well. The discipline and mental side of Master Berry’s program teaches all children impulse and emotional control as well as how to deal with the many issues kids face these days. A little over 4 years ago, I was given the opportunity to be at the school full time and second to starting my training with Master Berry this was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself.

The Best Family