The R.T. Berry School of Tae Kwon Do opened its doors on May 14, 2001. Since then it has become known as the leader in Character Development, Martial Arts, karate, and fitness for the entire Lake Norman area from Huntersville to Statesville. Families from all over are using Master Berry’s Programs as a tool to aid them in the development of their children, for both physical and character development reasons. Master Berry’s philosophy has been embraced by many families as they strive to find organizations to involve themselves with that share their values. The R.T. Berry School family and community has built an environment where the students of all ages are striving for and reaching their potential as a person.

About The School

The R.T. Berry School opened its doors in May of 2001. Since then it has become the leader in Character Development for children and Personal Improvement for adults in the Lake Norman area. The School is very strong in Family Values. The R.T. Berry School is known as the leader in Martial Arts, Karate, Fitness, and Character Development for the Lake Norman Area from Huntersville to Statesville. Although there are many different types of Martial Arts Schools, the R.T. Berry School has proven its place for families who want the best for their child and their families. Come watch a class or ask around, and you will see why the R.T. Berry School is the #1 Program in the area!

For Children (Ages 2 and Up!)

Our #1 goal for children here at this school is Character Development. Our program is second to none in Children’s Development. Through confidence and incredible Student / Instructor relationships, children here do more than just listening to what they are told; they develop a sincere desire to excel in and out of the School. Over the course of the Trial Program, parents get the chance to watch Master Berry’s teaching style and get a general feel for what this school is all about. The children get a feel of Martial Arts, Tae Kwon Do, and “karate”; and whether they enjoy the classes. By the end of the first week and the graduation of the introductory course, students and parents will have an idea of how our program works. We strongly believe in our system, and the Trial Program is how we show you we are the best! Call anytime to get details about the next trial program and to register yourself or your child. You can also click on the side in news articles to read more about our Child and Teenager programs.

For Adults

Our goal for Adult students is 3 parts. Fitness, Self Defense, and Self Improvement are the 3 main components of Adult training.

  • Fitness: Our fitness program EXCEEDS that of average Martial Arts schools, karate schools and gyms. It is a complete workout with an added bonus of proper technique. Our classes are not like Cardio Kickboxing; all techniques taught here are effective and properly executed. Many styles of kickboxing type classes are not monitored for technique, and down the road the student will risk injury. Do you have to be in shape already? Of course not! Our program is for anyone. Through quality instruction, all students are making their own improvements. Whether you can kick to the ceiling or to an ankle is irrelevant, your progress is what counts. The Trial Program is a great way to get a feel of what type of shape you’ll get in!
  • Self-Defense: Self-defense at our school is taught in a friendly environment. It is based off of the other techniques we do in classes, which allows for repetition without getting bored. It is shown as practical self-defense, based in modern day situations. The self-defense techniques taught through our program are a part of teaching and learning about our overall personal security measures.
  • Self-Improvement: Through confidence and discipline, you will develop skills that can have a direct impact on your daily life. Family life, careers, and personal relationships will gain strength through what you are learning and “training” on in our School. Our school is known all over for having the most disciplined of students as well as TOP NOTCH Martial Artists. Take the Trial Program and see why people are improving themselves and having fun doing it!

If you want to take our Tae Kwon Do classes in Mooresville, make sure to check out our Trial Program. We would love to see you there!