1. R.T. Berry School and teenagers

    Our school has an exceptional environment for teenagers. They are learning how to deal with their changes they are facing. Teenagers face many challenges in today's society. Be it physical, social, or emotional issues present in today's times, Master Berry is committed to leading these young men and…Read More

  2. R.T. Berry School Child cirriculum

    R.T. Berry School’s Child Curriculum: (just the techniques) Our School’s focus is on Character Development. We accomplish this through the way that we train and maintaining an extremely consistent environment. Our children’s curriculum is set up for the student to really learn not just Martial…Read More

  3. Martial Artists are earning a Black Belt in life!

    The R.T. Berry School has become known as a leader in Martial Arts in the Lake Norman area. Not because they are winning physical fights, but because the kids there are learning to win the fight in themselves. The Martial Arts, until recently, are inherently good at teaching the students about thems…Read More