Black Belt Club is truly the next step in committing to making the Student as strong as they can be! Our School’s Mooresville Black Belt Club is all about commitment. Your commitment to the School is returned by Master Berry’s commitment to the student and you as a family. Our School has become a very special family. The commitment from the families, and Master Berry’s commitments back to them is what makes that family so special.

Character Development is our #1 goal for children here. Black Belt Club is the next step not only in Martial Arts for your child, but in our entire Character Development Program. The Black Belt Club allows for class to become much more than just a class. With regular outings and events, students in the Black Belt Club begin to build stronger relationships with their fellow Students, Instructors, Helpers, and Master Berry. The events also bring two very big parts of the children’s lives together; Tae Kwon Do, and Family. All of our events, with the exception of the workout portion, are designed for families to take part and the children get to receive that 100% reinforcement that we are looking for in all areas! The Black Belt Club offers the opportunity for the student to begin to jump to the next level in Martial Arts, all while completely and consistently reinforcing the Character traits that the school and families work so hard to instill! Our Mooresville Black Belt Club is for the dedicated families that understand what long term involvement in our program can do for their child and their family.

  • Regular training designed for Black Belt Club Members. The training sessions are geared toward leadership building and Black Belt Excellence.
  • Regular events to build team spirit and keep motivation high among the Black Belt Club members.
  • The Black Top that Black Belt Club members wear symbolizes the Black Belt in the future. This allows Master Berry to continually be reinforcing the long term goal of Black Belt Excellence
  • Special Discounts for family members
  • An AWESOME long term development Program second to none!

Since 2001, we have been proud to build up our Tae Kwon Do school as a communal place of learning for character development, fitness, karate, and the martial arts. Our school is open to anybody in the Lake Norman area, from Statesville to Huntersville. Our black belt club is designed to build strength not just in one or two areas, but comprehensively as a whole, in order for students to interact with the world with discipline and character. The black belt club is welcome to long time students in our Tiger program as well as newer students looking to make a serious commitment to personal development.

The color sequence of belt advancement in Tae Kwon Do goes as follows: white, yellow, green, blue, red, and black. We will work with you as you earn your way to a black belt through your commitment to the black belt club. There is no set rate of advancement at our school, and we are the furthest thing away from a belt farm. Instead, we are proud to work with you from start to finish, exercising discipline to create real personal improvement. When you do acquire your black belt, it will be with all of the pride and confidence of someone who has achieved a goal on their own merit.

Our Mooresville black belt program will help enhance self esteem, build confidence, develop discipline, teach self defense, and strengthen the body and mind. The lessons you learn here will stay with you forever, and prove invaluable later in life. To find out more about our black belt club, please do not hesitate to give us a call at your earliest convenience. We’ll be happy to go over any information that you may need. And remember, our Free Trial Program is available for anyone who wants to see first hand just what our Tae Kwon Do school is all about!