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Cornelius Martial Arts School
Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Martial Arts, & Character Development

Cornelius Martial Arts

Martial Arts, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Cornelius, NC

What benefits do you get from martial arts?
Martial Arts provides both physical and mental benefits to the students involved. Getting in shape, developing self-discipline, increasing goal setting abilities, and personal happiness are many answers you hear when you ask someone what they have received from their training.

Living in Cornelius why should i choose RTBerry School?
The R.T. Berry School offers a free trial program in Cornelius so you can really get a feeling of the School’s personality. Although there are many different types of martial arts schools, our school has proven a place for Cornelius families that want to find a tool to help in their child’s or their personal development. Master Berry teaches his own classes, and with the help of his qualified helpers, is able to totally connect to each student. This allows him the ability to truly focus on what each student needs, and how those needs can be met.

What sets RTBerry Apart form other Cornelius Martial Arts Schools?
What sets us apart is several things. First, we have an emphasis of character development. Martial arts are inherently good at helping with one’s character, but at the R.T. Berry School we have brought that to the forefront. Master Berry’s ability to connect with each student, and help each of them set their personal goals allows for an environment where children (and adults) develop a sincere desire to excel. Secondly, Master Berry teaches all of his students personally. In many schools, the owner or head instructor is trying to figure out how to spend less time teaching. Master Berry is trying to figure out how he can give more. Finally, since our founding in 2001, our School’s families have shown time and time again the strength of this community. When you join our Cornelius School you are not just joining a karate class, you are joining a family rich in heritage, traditions, and love. It is a family and community that have somehow found a way to have a place in modern days that is really “how it is supposed to be.”

How long have you been teach martial arts in Cornelius?
The R.T. Berry School was founded in Mooresville on May 14, 2001. We have been teaching martial arts to families in Cornelius for 10 years.

In The News
What's going on in our school
school closing
we will be closed on Saturday December 9th for all classes.
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snow closings
any snow closings will be posted on this website and face book by 3pm
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holiday break
the school will be closed from December 21st until January 4th. We reopen on the 4th with all regular classes Happy holidays
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